Me, on Barry island beach, UK, May 2018. NO LAPTOP IN SIGHT! :)

If You're Sick And Tired Of The Way Internet Marketers Bash You Over The Head With Pushy, Sleazy Sales Tactics, Read On...

Hey there,

My name is Simon, and you've probably never heard of me!

And that's fine. Because I'm fairly new to the internet marketing game myself. 

Just a few years ago I was a wide eyed newbie - and a very juicy target for the online sharks, schemers and high-pressure internet salesmen. 

Without boring you with the specifics, I wasted a lot of money and precious time following many internet marketers, buying multiple courses and 'pipe dreams'...

Worse, my family and friends looked at me like I was MAD for keeping at this 'internet marketing' thing.

If you've been trying to get started online I'm 100% positive you'll know what I'm talking about!

But then I achieved a mini-break through.

Last year, in 2017, I managed to make, market and sell my own products online.

I needed a little help to piece the parts together. But I managed it.

However, something didn't sit well with me. I felt a bit...well, deflated by the experience.

You see, although I'd 'broken my duck' with Sale #1, I wasn't happy with the process.

It felt a little too generic to me, like I was simply copying what everyone else does. 

Sure, it worked. But I didn't feel comfortable with it -  and this is very important.

So I took some time off to think about things. I broke down exactly what I like about internet marketing, and what I don't.

In that time I learned a lot. A huge amount, in fact.

In a way, I had an epiphany about how to start online and build authority within a niche, without resorting to pushy, high-pressure marketing tactics.

So I didn't want to copy it when I started my online business. Again, I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about.

So here's the point of this open letter to you:

I think internet marketing has a bad reputation. It's full of fakers and so-called overnight millionaire success stories - and it's very good at getting you to part with your money!

(Think about it: why do so many people associate internet marketing with scams, get rich schemes and generally negative stuff...?)

And I'm concerned that being new to this, you might be vulnerable to making costly mistakes that set you back.

Worse, you might even give up on your dreams to start online. Trust me, I speak from painful experience.

So here's the deal. 

I've got no FREE REPORT to offer you here. (Woooaahhh...wait a minute now...?!)

I've got no $5 product at the end of this either, which puts you in a funnel with up-sells and down-sells either.

Nothing to buy here, in fact.

I'm simply asking you if you would like to hear more from me.

==>I don't sell 'get rich quick' systems...

==> I don't use hype...

==> I'm not a YouTube star...

==> I don't sell T shirts or Wolf mugs on Facebook Stores...

==> And I do not post pictures of me on a beach with a laptop, claiming I live the internet lifestyle!

But what I do know - about the realities of starting online in 2018 and beyond; building & looking after your first list; about how internet marketing has moved on from worn out 2008 style methods, making irresistible lead magnets & fast selling information products, and how to find your true voice and purpose in life with a sustainable and ethical internet marketing business - I know WELL.

And I like to think that I'll be one of the more honest, frank and refreshing marketers you'll ever hear from.

--> So if you'd like to learn valuable new skills that could set you on the path to financial responsibility...

--> If you'd like to hear from a marketer who doesn't use flash and hype...

--> If you'd like to hear from someone who has 'skin in the game' and has got their hands dirty...

--> If you'd like to hear from a real person, and not a sequence of pre-written emails...

Then simply pop your email in to the box below and I'll add you to my daily email report. I'd be delighted to chat to you!

All the best,


PS - Just to be clear, this is an open invitation to opt in to receive emails from me.  I never share your details, but if you wish to unsubscribe then it's very easy to do so by simply clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email. I hope that's fair and square!

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